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“34 percent of all cyclists did not use both front and backlight in December 2017/Januari 2018”

Rijkswaterstaat Dienst Water Verkeer en Leefomgeving

Our Product

Bicycle lights are often forgotten, have empty batteries, or are broken, those are the problems we aim to solve. Therefore, we present to you KEBL; a tiny solution for a big problem. The product consists of two small lights. The lights are attached to your bicycle and onto each other, through a magnetic connection. Super easy! The bicycle lights are small and designed for you to be carried along easily, in your pockets, or attached to your keychain. To improve usability, a set of lights only has one charger port. The lights are waterproof and can handle quite some impact. In short, carefully assembled for long endurance. In this way, we aim to prevent people from throwing away cheap bicycle lights, and we thrive for a more sustainable world.


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Our Mission

In the Netherlands, about 34% of all cyclists do not have properly working bicycle lights during nighttime. This leads to dangerous situations in traffic, even with deadly consequences. Our mission is to resolve these dangerous situations and make the public road significantly safer. To achieve this, we aim to provide sustainable, affordable, and easy to use bicycle lights. The current (more affordable) bicycle lights often break down, get stolen, or run out of battery. With KEBL we thrive to make the planet a bit more sustainable.

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24 Okt. 2020

11 Jun. 2020

Meet the Team

The idea of the KEBL started in 2019, founded by five ambitious students of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Step by step we would like to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. After many positive reactions to our concept, we have started developing a variety of prototypes. Eventually, we aim to deliver a product able to make the public road a lot safer! Team KEBL consists of three Innovation Management students, two Physics students and one Electrical Engineering student. We are located on the campus of the TU/e, where we work in collaboration with Innovation Space.

Kenny Koelman

Rens Vermeulen

Gilles Bonné

Stan van der Ven

Casper van der Schenk

Paul van Diessen


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