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Our Product

Attach KEBL to your bike without any trouble!

Done with those annoying inconvenient detachable bicycle lights? We are too! KEBL is a bicycle light with a strong magnet that can be attached to your bike without any problems. Do you have a bike made of aluminum or carbon? No problem! We are developing a special attachment to make sure KEBL is attachable to every non-magnetic bicycle as well!


Recharge KEBL fast and easy!

Are you interested in rechargeable bicycle lights, but don’t like the idea to recharge them separately? With KEBL this is no issue! The lights can be recharged at the same time by only one charging cable. The lights share their power when they are connected to each other to ensure the lights will last about equally long! Forgotten to recharge the lights? No worries! Within 10 minutes of recharging, you can cycle with your lights again for at least half an hour!


Carry KEBL in the way you like!

KEBL is designed and tested to fit into your pockets or bag easily. Annoyed by the search for your second detachable light in your pocket or bag? This problem is being solved by KEBL as the lights are connected to each other! An additional benefit is that KEBL can be attached to a ring on your keychain or bag, making sure you always know where they are and won’t lose them!


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Our Mission

In the Netherlands, about 34% of all cyclists do not have properly working bicycle lights during nighttime. This leads to dangerous situations in traffic, even with deadly consequences. Our mission is to resolve these dangerous situations and make the public road significantly safer. To achieve this, we aim to provide a set of bicycle lights that is sustainable, affordable, and easy to use. The current (more affordable) bicycle lights often break down, get stolen, or run out of battery. With our set of bicycle lights, which are among others connected to each other and rechargeable by only using one cable, we aim to stimulate the use of properly working bicycle lights. With KEBL we contribute to a planet that is a bit more sustainable.

In the News

24 Okt. 2020

KEBL fietsverlichting is duurzaam en slim – Brabant geeft Energie

11 Jun. 2020

Meet the Team

The idea of the KEBL started in 2019, founded by five ambitious students of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Step by step we would like to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. After many positive reactions to our concept, we have started developing a variety of prototypes. Eventually, we aim to deliver a product able to make the public road a lot safer! Team KEBL consists of three Innovation Management students, one Mechanical Engineering student and one Electrical Engineering student. We are located on the campus of the TU/e, where we work in collaboration with Innovation Space.

Kenny Koelman

Casper van der Schenk

Youri van den Brink

Stan van der Ven

Paul van Diessen


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